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qqbot news update: 
qqbot's sister service for the BlackBerry is now live!

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Now available on qqbot! 
Timed automatic delivery of your saved portfolio's to your wireless. Get an automated portfolio update at 10 am, 2 pm, and 4 pm, or whenever you want.


qqbot.com (beta C2.4)

What is qqbot?

The "quick query bot" -- or qqbot -- offers the simplest way to get stock quotes on your BlackBerry, cell phone, or personal digital assistant handheld.

qqbot is an e-mail based (and soon sms-based) stock quotes auto-responder.  

qqbot works best with "push" e-mail devices such as the BlackBerry. It works well with devices such as:
+ RIM BlackBerry handhelds (857 / 957 or new phone-combination devices), 
+ Handspring Treo 600's (the Treo is a e-mail pull device - user needs to issue a check e-mail command after submitting a query), 
+ two-way pagers, 
+ Motorola Timeport devices, 
+ Good Technology's handhelds, or 
+ any of a list of Palm or WinCE handhelds that connect to the internet with technologies such as 802.11 hotspots (usually pull devices as well). 

qqbot takes all the slow, clumsy, painful web / WAP access experience out of wireless information retrieval -- a 20 stock quote query effort can take 5 minutes on services like AT&T Wireless's M-Mode or T-Mobile's T-Zones -- which we think is not a great way to spend your time while sipping a venti mocha at Starbucks -- using qqbot, 20 stocks are updated and on your BlackBerry in less than 30 seconds!

Anyone that can send an e-mail can use qqbot beta C2.4.  During our beta phase, we are happy to offer the service for free.  We are planning on adding additional features, including cellular phone test messaging (sms) support and real time quotes in the future -- some or all of the qqbot service may be transitioned to a fee-basis at that time -- however, we do not anticipate this occurring until sometime in 2005.  

How do I Get Unlimited Access to qqbot?

We require all qqbot users to register, which enables us to best support the various wireless e-mail devices out there.

Once you have registered, you will have unlimited access to qqbot.

How do I get started?

Send an e-mail to start@qqbot.com from your wireless device.  qqbot will respond with registration instructions.  Once you register, qqbot will respond with command instructions.  You will be up and running in less than 2 minutes.

What exactly does qqbot beta C2.4 do?

qqbot auto-responds with stock quote information based on receiving an e-mail command from a registered user.

Commands include:
1) check one stock symbol
2) check multiple stock symbols
3) save a portfolio of stocks (up to 9 portfolios of up to 20 symbols each)
4) check the quotes on a saved portfolio by sending a short two character portfolio command
5) request a list of commands


What's the catch?

There is no catch -- qqbot's privacy policy is simple -- 
1) We won't sell your information to a third party.  
2) We won't let a third party use our list of members.  
3) We won't blanket you with trashy ads.

All we do is reserve the right to add a short text message to your quote request that will inform you of stuff we personally have tried, tested, and think is seriously good.  We are working on some value-added wireless services and software that we will bring to the market in future months -- so you will see a few messages about that.  But don't worry -- we will not add messages to every quote request -- just once in a while -- and it will always be relevant stuff to the mobile professional, not digital trash about knock-off pharmaceuticals or mortgage refinance or CCD spy cameras.

We don't like spam ourselves. We don't like irrelevant ads either. We hate companies that sell out and cheapen the internet experience.  So we will not abuse your trust by pounding your wireless with garbage.  But we have some great stuff in the lab right now and will someday soon, let it see the light of day. 

That's about it!


Copyright 2003 - 2004, qqbot.com

Important Note - 
The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images, and symbols are the exclusive properties of and trademarks or registered trademarks of Research In Motion Limited. 

qqbot is a trademark of qqbot.com.


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User comments about qqbot...

"qqbot rocks!  I was so tired of wading through pages of AT&T's m-mode to get one or two quotes.  qqbot updates my blackberry in seconds, and all I have to do is send a simple two-letter email."

               -- Steven Tamashasky, New York

"The internet's obsession with graphics really hurts the wireless 'net experience. EVERYthing becomes way too slow.  QQbot was clearly built by people that understand the needs (and lack of patience) of the wireless user."

               -- Ally Wang, Los Angeles

"qqbot is really, really easy to use.  I track over 140 stocks and qqbot is a huge help."

               -- N. Shah, Houston

"Qqbot is excellent. I look forward to the [real-time] sms version. Simplicity and speed is a great combination. qqbot understands my needs."

               -- Luk DelanoŽ, Paris

"There are so few services that simplify my life. Thank you."

               -- Spencer Holmes, London


How fast is qqbot?

Below is the average e-mail request receipt to e-mail response sent by qqbot for the last four weeks.  

Any additional delays that you may be experiencing are related to e-mail system delays for your handheld device and your service provider's network, as the internet backbone speed from qqbot to your service provider is sub-one-second most of the time.

qqbot average turnaround gauge:

0.7670 seconds